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My name is Jen Hilbers I am the founder of Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue, a small foster based rescue established in 2014. 

 I have also been a Bun Mom for over 30yrs. It is safe to say, I know a thing or two about rabbits!  Working in rescue has shown me that we have a long way to go to advocate for rabbits and guinea pigs. I started Tiny Paws Emporium to help educate and advocate for our little friends! I hope to bring you healthy treats and fun natural toys for enrichment.

 As a rabbit and guinea pig Mom myself, I am disappointed with what is offered at our local pet stores.  Most food and treats are actually harmful to our little herbivores! I am always trying to educate my adopters on what is best for their new friends. I decided to take that one step further and start Tiny Paws Emporium, a store with wholesome treats and safe, but fun toys for rabbit and guinea pig families. 

All of our toys from our exclusive Tiny Paws Naturals line are are safely designed and assembled by myself, without glue or harmful chemicals.  I use organic fruit juice to dye the toys to make them even tastier! Every piece of our toys are completely edible. I do not use any small pieces but please supervise your pets with new toys.  Any toys that are sold from manufacturers have been approved by our rescue rabbits and guinea pigs.

I hope you find something for your herbivore friend in our little emporium and if there is something you would like to see please contact me.  Of course feel free to send pictures of your happy rabbits and guinea pigs enjoying their items from Tiny Paws Emporium!


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