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Timothy hay in a convenient 10 lb, or 25 lb box. A favourite at Tiny Paws Rescue!

Please note shipping outside of Windsor is not available for this product.  Local pick up or Local Windsor delivery only due to high shipping rates.  Thank you.


As you know RHD2 virus is a Hemorrhagic Disease causing virus that occurs in rabbits. It is a virus, so it is not something associated or growing within food or feed. Contamination of food or feed only occurs if the feed comes into contact with sick rabbits. Standlee products are grown in the high desert of Idaho and completely protected from the elements as well as from rabbits. No contamination of material that is leaving our manufacturing facility. Proper food/feed hygiene must be practiced at the farm to avoid contamination at the consumer end.
Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thank you, Vanessa Kortright
Customer Relations/Claims Coordinator | 22349 Kimberly Rd. Ste. E | Kimberly, Idaho 83341
Office (208)413-9640| Fax (208) 490-8301


Timothy Hay Standlee Premium

  • We do not recommend these items for shipping outside of our delivery area (Windsor, ON) Shipping rates start at $30 and go up. 

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